Quite a few years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to complete a Master Degree in Education.  I’d like to say, that my motivation for this decision was to increase my understanding of education and become a better teacher, but I would be lying.  All of my friends were studying, so rather than getting stuck proofreading everyone’s assignments, I decided to study with them.  Back then, a Master Degree took about five years part-time.  Unfortunately, at about the half way mark, I lost interest and stopped.

Fast forward a few years, now married with two very young children, my husband announced that he would begin and complete his Master Degree in Education. I decided I would recommence my Master Degree, and actually finish it. This time, I was motivated by two very good reasons. During my teaching, I was fascinated that some children found reading extremely easy, whilst most found it extremely challenging.   I was certain that through completing my Masters, I would find the answer and change the world.  Clearly, my ego was out of control!  My second reason?  There was no way my husband was going to beat me to get this illusive degree.

I met with my supervising lecturer and raved on and on, about my quest to understand why many children couldn’t read, and then proposed that I would write a program to address the problem.  Finally I came to a halt in my aspirations, and he just looked at me and said, “Katrina, we do not want you to save the world through this degree.  Rather, it is an academic exercise to prove you can choose a topic, research the topic and write a thesis.”  Wow, did my ego take a huge hit!!

Fast forward twenty years later, and my passion is still to unlock the key to reading for children everywhere.  This passion was especially heightened when our son struggled to read.  I knew that there had to be a better way to help parents, help teach their children to read.  For the past ten years, through BORN2READ, I have worked tirelessly with parents, teachers and most importantly, children, to find a solution.

The good news?  I have found the solution – TIME plus ENGAGING STORIES.  If your child is struggling to read, you (or someone else who can read), need to read with your child, for ten minutes, five days a week – consistently over a period of time.  BORN2READ can help you with the engaging stories and tips along the way.  The stories have been road-tested by children at our studios, and parents and teachers have also contributed to their development.

I have seen BORN2READ make a huge difference to the lives of children who have struggled to read.  I want to keep making this difference, but I can’t work with every child.  I need your help!  Get on-line, subscribe today, and together we can make that difference that I dreamed about, twenty years ago.

And just for the record – I did finally complete my Master Degree; so did my husband.  And guess what: I beat him to finish – nothing like competition to motivate!

Until next time,

Best wishes!