BORN2READ is a collection of stories, written especially for young children!

Welcome to BORN2READ!  As a teacher of over thirty years (I know right – where has that time gone????), I have always been fascinated by the way and the how young children learn to read.  These fascinations have led me to write over 600 stories to get children reading, as I have discovered, that one of the most effective ways to teach young children to read, is to engage them in the actual process of reading.  I hope you and your children love reading these stories, as much as I have loved writing them.  Best wishes, Katrina.

At BORN2READ, we are committed to helping you surround your children with stories to read.  Whether they are just beginning their reading journey, or they are independent readers, we have the stories for you, perfect for your young readers.

As parents, you are the first teachers for your children.  You were there when your child learnt to walk, cheering them on from the side lines, clearing their path to success.  You taught your child to talk, through endless repetition of the same words.


Through our stories, you can teach your children to read, or, if your children can already read, you can continue their reading journey.  Reading – what a fabulous way to spend quality time with your children, and what a fabulous gift you can give.

Some of our characters…

Established in 2006, BORN2READ is a collection of stories, written to encourage children to read with their parents.  It has been written by qualified classroom teachers and road-tested by the children.  If the children didn’t engage with the readers, they didn’t make it to our website!

BORN2READ stories can be read online through a subscription.  Or you can purchase a collection of PDFs version of the stories, as chapter books to download and read on your device, or to download and print.  The choice is yours!

Family Subscription

  • The Prep Collection (Levels 1 to 8) – a collection of 176 stories.
  • The Year One Collection – (Levels 9 to 16) – a collection of 160 stories.
  • The Year Two Collection – (Levels 17 to 24) – a collection of 128 stories.
  • Unlimited Devices