mother reading with her child
Mother reading with daughter

Welcome to BORN2READ!  BORN2READ was established in 2006, as a bricks and mortar establishment, offering educational resources to help get children reading.  From this beginning, BORN2READ transformed into a tuition centre, teaching children from as young as three years, to learn to read.  As the number of students increased in our tuition centres, I continued to search for reading material that young children would engage with.   Unfortunately, I could not find exactly what I was looking for.  When I expressed my disappointment in not being able to purchase what I wanted, I was challenged to write my own materials.

As a teacher of over thirty years, I had always been fascinated by the way and the how, young children learn to read, but I had never contemplated writing my own reading program .  However, through the BORN2READ journey and much research, it became apparent that one of the most effective ways to teach young children to read, is to engage them in the actual process of reading.  If I couldn’t find the right material to engage children, then I decided to take up the challenge and create my own resources, with the help of some very enthusiastic children, parents and of course teachers! 

After four years of writing and trialling the readers with children, both in and out of the classroom, our BORN2READ Systematic, online reading program, was ‘born’ and completed in 2017! Readers have been written to cater for children from Pre-Prep (the Kindergarten Collection), through to Year Two.  The readers are levelled and support children as they move from one level to the next.  We have also written activities to support comprehension and engagement.

My dream is that every child will be given the opportunity to learn to read.  Of course, I can’t teach every child, but with your help, and through our membership, many, many children will learn to read.  I will be with you on this journey every step of the way through email support.

I hope you enjoy looking around our website, and I especially hope to be welcoming you on board very soon. 

Best wishes, Katrina Casey – founder of BORN2READ

(MEd, BEd,Dip Teaching)

At BORN2READ, we are committed to providing readers that young readers want to read.  Whether they are just beginning their reading journey, or they are independent readers, we have the stories for you, perfect for your young readers.

BORN2READ is an explicit teaching of reading program that allows teachers teaching Prep to Year 2, to teach their students to read.  It is a comprehensive, sequential, online program, that can be used in whole class settings, in small groups, or with individual students – the choice is yours! 

Through the BORN2READ readers, you can teach your students to read, or, if your students can already read, you can continue their reading journey.  BORN2READ has been trialled in a number of classrooms and has been used to teach thousands of students to read.  Students engage with these stories as they can relate to the characters, unique to BORN2READ.

Some of our characters…

Established in 2006, BORN2READ is a sequential, comprehensive online reading program, written especially for teachers, in the busy classroom.  It has been written by qualified classroom teachers and road-tested by the children.  If the children didn’t engage with the readers, they didn’t make it to our website!

BORN2READ readers are read online and are accessed through the investment of a 12 month membership.  This membership allows you to access the readers and their associated quizzes, plus lots of resources available in the Teachers’ Lounge, whenever you are teaching young children to read!