BORN2READ is an online, explicit and systematic reading program designed to get young children reading!

BORN2READ is based on:

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Established in 2006, BORN2READ is an explicit and systematic approach to the teaching of reading.  It has been written by qualified classroom teachers and road-tested by the children they have been written for.  If the children didn’t engage with the readers, they didn’t make it to our website!

To access the BORN2READ reading program, become a member today!  Select from the many options below and be assured that we are here to assist you on your child’s reading journey.  Visit our shop to purchase the resources to further enhance the learning journey.

Pre-Prep & Prep

  • The Kindy Kids Collection (64 Titles)
  • Fun with Phonics Collection (36 Titles)
  • The Prep Collection (176 Titles)
  • 1 Device

Years One & Two

  • The Year One Collection (128 Titles)
  • The Year Two Collection (128 Titles)
  • 1 Device


  • The Kindy Kids Collection
  • Fun with Phonics Collection
  • The Prep Collection
  • The Years One and Two Collections
  • Access to over 650 books!
  • Unlimited Devices

Class Teacher

  • Fun with Phonics Collection
  • The Prep Collection
  • Years One & Two Collections
  • Access to over 650 Books
  • Teachers’ Lounge
  • Unlimited Devices

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Join the ever-growing community together with over 650 online readers (books) that have been designed, developed and proven to improve your child’s reading.

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