Hi, I’m Katrina Casey, the founder of the BORN2READ reading program.

I am a passionate teacher (qualified and registered), and my absolute obsession, is to help teachers teach their students to read and write. In fact, I took ten years away from the classroom, to explore and research how to teach children to read and write, in the most engaging way.

This hiatus, lead to the establishment of BORN2READ!  I set up tuition centres on the Gold Coast and, with the help of other teachers, parents and some amazing classes of students, I wrote collections of stories to engage students in reading.  Each reader has been road-tested by the children that they have been written for.  If they children didn’t like the story, it didn’t make it to the website.

Having seen the success of BORN2READ in my tuition centres and in the classrooms that helped on this journey, I returned to the classroom to see first hand, the BORN2READ experience.  The amount of hours that BORN2READ has saved me in the classroom, and as a Learning Support Teacher, has been incredible – the ten years away from a school setting, has been well and truly worth it!

My qualifications:

Diploma of Teaching

Bachelor of Education

Master in Education Studies

So… come on board and join my BORN2READ family – I can’t wait to work with you to make BORN2READ the best resource for all teachers, just like me.  Take a sneak peek of BORN2READ here – and remember, I’m just an email away to answer any questions that you may have.