My passion for teaching young children to read using sight words is no secret. However, what I have failed to articulate in the past: it is not my only vice nor should it be, in the quest to teach children to read.

It amuses me that an often hotly debated topic is: phonics Vs sight words. Unfortunately it’s not all about you, phonics either! To teach children to read, it has been scientifically proven, that the following five components are a must:

1. Vocabulary – (sight words, contextual words)
2. Phonemic Awareness – the ability to hear and manipulate sound (listening and speaking)
3. Phonics – the ability to write letters and letter groups to match sounds
4. Fluency (hence my strategy, tell them the word and move on – and then come back at the end of the reading to decode the word and make connections); and

The above components are not ranked in importance – they share equal status. However, if number 5 is absent, there is NO READING!!! Reading is about meaning and understanding.

Whilst at BORN2READ, I wholeheartedly embrace the above five components. They are evident in all our programs and guide the development of our resources. And as always, I am more than happy to walk you through our BORN2READ materials and explain how the above five are evident.

But at BORN2READ, I like to add an additional element, okay, make that two.

Seriously, why bother working so hard, if it isn’t enjoyable and engaging? Where’s the fun in that?

Until next time,

Best wishes,