So in a previous blog (The Four Phases), I outlined the four phases of any project that I undertake. I have just re-read that blog and see that, at the time of writing that blog, and for that project, I was in between Phase Two and Three, with the light in the tunnel, burningly close. Ahh the memories!

I can now share with you, that yes, I have started another project and I am stuck in Phase Two – you know the one: Total panic, whilst remaining calm for all to see – smooth! In fact, I am finding that no matter how hard I am paddling at the moment, I am barely keeping afloat! It seems that just as I draw closer to the finish line, I think of something else that I really must add.

The best thing about this fine mess I have myself in, is that I have a deadline, and it is fast approaching. Everything has to be completed by this Monday, or I am going to look rather foolish at an inservice that I am delivering.

So forgive me for this very brief blog, I am off to paddle some more. Wish me luck – I’ll let you know how I go!

Until next week,

Best wishes