Our Program

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BORN2READ® is a sequential, levelled (from Level 1 through to Level 24), digital suite of readers, developed to teach children to read. The BORN2READ® Reading Program teaches children to read through explicit teaching, through engaging with the readers. Through this engagement, children:

  • COMPREHEND and make connections with their world and the world of others;
  • Build a bank of high frequency words
  • Build phonemic awareness
  • Develop a knowledge of phonics
  • Become fluent readers, and, most importantly
  • ENJOY the experience and build confidence to continue their reading journey.
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As registered and qualified teachers, we understand first-hand, the time, commitment and dedication required to teach young children to read. BORN2READ provides educators with a comprehensive experience that teaches young children to read. All readers (books), support material and overviews, can be accessed through our School/ Childcare Subscription. To ensure a school community implements BORN2READ successfully, Professional Development is essential and a pre-requisite prior to the purchase of a subscription, and can be accessed digitally (coming soon!), or via booking here.

[title style=”center” text=”Parents & Carers”]

We strongly believe that children learn to read by engaging in the reading process, with someone by their side. Through our Family Subscription, families can access all of the digital readers, from all of the collections. Only one subscription is required, for all family members to access the readers. Support resources such as Activity Books and Posters, are also available for purchase. We also offer email support to ensure you and your family get the best from the BORN2READ Experience.

BORN2READ + you + ten minutes a day = a confident and happy reader.

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