Ah, school holidays – it is still my favourite time of the year, even though I no longer have school-aged children or work in a traditional classroom.  I love seeing all of the posts on social media, of teachers sharing nature snaps, food snaps, holiday destination snaps, and dare I say, drinking snaps!   Teachers are more than deserving of these breaks because:

  1. They are exhausted – they have gone beyond and above their duty, not just for your one child, but for a class full of children – on average 30 children!! That’s right – thirty little humans that they nurture and teach, day in, day out, regardless of what is happening in their own personal world, and regardless of what some irate parent has barked at them, as they have walked in the room, and regardless of the curriculum reforms that needed to be implemented by 3pm, yesterday.
  2. They are multi-taskers. Not one day is the same in a busy classroom, and it does not matter how well you are planned for the day, it takes just one minor hiccup for the day to go quickly pear-shaped.  However, as a multi-tasker, teachers quickly steady the ship, head it in the right direction and serenity transcends again, and all the while that disturbing thought is running through their mind,  “Just how many days do I have left before parent-teacher interviews?”
  3. They are Teachers that want the best for their children. They want them to be engaged, happy and successful learners. Teachers know, that these little people before them now, grow-up to become the next generation of lawyers, doctors, builders, electricians, nurses and teachers (just to name a few).  There is no way, they want sub-standard professionals looking after them in their twilight years!
  4. They love what they do. For teachers, it is not a job.  It is a passion, a way of life.  They put every living, breathing moment into their profession (and there are the dreams!!) – they just can’t help it.   Even amongst all of the holiday-type shots and snaps on social media, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of teachers sharing about resources and ideas, that will make a child’s life just that little better, regardless  of time or expense.

So teachers, take a bow and then put your feet up.  But just before you do, I want you to multi-task some very special ‘me’ moments that bring you great joy and energy; perfect some amazing holiday memories – the ones that get you through the tougher days of teaching (like when you learn of another paper trail that is essential to complete); and take time to do what you love the best (besides teaching!)

Until next time,

Best wishes!


Teacher and Author of the BORN2READ Reading Program

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