Have you ever noticed that as soon as a young child starts achieving success in reading, they desperately want to read chapter books?   Whilst this is an awesome goal, it has worried me for some time that it is really hard to match beginning chapter books with the children’s age and reading ability.

A few months ago, I had the following conversation with one of my students.  It went something like this.

“So Miss Katrina, I’m on Level 8 now. So will I be reading chapter books now?”

“Chapter books? Why do you want to read chapter books?”

“Don’t you know? All the smart kids in my class are reading chapter books – I want to read them too.”

“Are you sure they can actually read them?”

“Of course, that’s all they talk about!”

And then the penny dropped for me.  Through the eyes of this young child, chapter books were the coveted prize – to be heard discussing the latest chapter book that you were reading, proudly told the whole class, that you were a successful reader.  So what was I to do about a child on Level 8 and wanting to read chapter books?

Write some of course!!

So now I am really excited to introduce you to the first of the range of chapter books that I have created.  They are available on Amazon.  View the books here.

Chapter Books

Until next time,

Best wishes!

Until next time,
Best wishes,

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