I absolutely love this time of year!  The weather is hotting up and it is getting closer and closer to Christmas.   Winter is a distant memory (thank goodness as it is my least favourite time of the year, and yes, it does get cold on the Gold Coast!)  It is the season for parties and it is the only time that exercising comes easily for me.  After all, I need to do something to work off the good cheer!

It is also a time for reflection.   I love thinking back to the time when my students first joined our BORN2READ® classes and how far they have come.   To watch them grow in confidence and ability in their reading and writing, is a privilege.  The children at BORN2READ® are amazing and their love of life and learning is infectious.

I also reflect on the work that I have done with teachers.   It is a fabulous part of my business, that I get to work together with highly skilled professionals who are passionate about what they do best – teaching your children!  To be a part of this, is both humbling and inspiring.

But this time of year needs to be tread with some caution.   It is the time of year where children become tired easily.   They have worked hard all year and there still seems to be so much to do to wrap up the school year in such a short time!   There is still – eight weeks of learning, last minute assessment items, Christmas concerts, end of year parties, classroom tidying – just to name a few!

Children are tired, parents are tired and teachers are tired – welcome to the silly season!  So to guide you through this perilous last term, I have just one tip:

Breathe – often and deeply, before you react to or act upon any stressful situation that may pop up in the midst of Term Four chaos.

And in case of emergencies, have a bottle of crushed grapes on ice, chilled to perfection – it helps with the breathing (or so I have been told!).

Until next time,
Best wishes,

Teacher and Author of the BORN2READ Reading Program

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