Reading Program for Kids

Welcome to BORN2READ!

What is BORN2READ?

BORN2READ is an explicit and systematic, online reading program.  The readers (stories/books) are presented as collections:

  • The Kindergarten Kids
  • Fun with Phonics
  • The Prep Collection
  • The Year One Collection
  • The Year Two Collection

The order in which the readers appear in each collection, is the order in which they are to be read.

Who wrote this program?

BORN2READ was written by me, Katrina Casey, a teacher with over 30 years experience.  It has always been my passion to unlock reading for every child.  In fact, it is my mission to teach every child to read, but of course, I cannot do this on my own.

I have drawn on the following to make this reading program successful:

  • Scientific Research
  • BORN2READ factors, plus
  • Our Secret Factor:  YOU!!!!

How is this program organised?

The readers in Levels One to Twenty-four are organised around high frequency words.  Of course, the high frequency words inside the front cover are not the only ones that appear in the reader, they are the focus ones for this time.

BORN2READ readers also include decodable words.  In fact, the elements required to teach young children to read, have been carefully considered and timetabled within this program.

The Scientific Evidence

BORN2READ has been written based on the following scientifically proven elements, required for children to learn to read.  These are:

Phonemic awareness: an auditory understanding, referring to sound-word knowledge.

Phonics: is connecting different sounds with written letters when reading text on a page/ screen.

Vocabulary: a range of words that is understood in context.  We call these Rocket Sight Words!

Fluency: the ability to read with speed and accuracy.

Comprehension: understanding the text read.  The absolute purpose of reading really!!!

The BORN2READ Key Elements


We have made sure that children want to read our readers.  Each one has been road-tested by children, and if they were unhappy with the story, it was not included in our Collections.

We have created characters unique to BORN2READ to keep young readers engaged.  Children meet these characters throughout the collections, which gives them confidence as they are already familiar with these characters and their traits.  It’s like catching up with old friends.

As children move through the Collections, the readers are linked, just like chapter books.   This leaves children wanting to read the next book, to find out what will happen next.


The BORN2READ® explicit and consistent approach to teaching reading, will succeed if the approach is followed explicitly.  Switching between different reading programs will only cause confusion, as each approach to teaching reading, is different for each publisher or author.

Admittedly on some days, it will feel as though the children are not grasping the skill of reading – I know, I have experienced many of these as a teacher!!  This is when it is essential that consistency in the approach is adopted, as it gives children the opportunity to practise their reading skills in the same expected way each day.  The results will come!


In order to master just about any skill in life, there needs to be commitment.  Reading is a skill and for children to develop this skill there needs to be a commitment from both the children and the teacher.

Reading needs to be taught explicitly each and every school day in the early years.  Every day, every child needs to be given the opportunity to read.  Classrooms are very busy, and the pressure on teachers is enormous, but I feel it is our essential job in the early years to teach young children to read and write.

At home, committing to just 10 minutes a day, of reading with your child, will see you child become a more competent reader.

The Secret Ingredient:  YOU!!

That’s right, you are the secret ingredient!!  Teachers, you are incredibly gifted.  You are the reason young children want to learn.  You are the one who has done the study and you are the one that has been successfully registered as a teacher – congratulations!  You are also the one that I need to help me in my quest to teach every child to read.  Without you, this won’t happen, so THANK YOU!!

Parents, your role in teaching your child is extremely important too.  I know it can be frustrating when your child is struggling to read, I am a mother too.  But, having said that, you also know how crucial it is for your child to know how to read.  We have made it a little easier for you at BORN2READ.  Just sign up for membership, and commit to 5 to 10 minutes a day, five times a week.  When your child does not know a word, tell them the word, and keep reading.  At the end of the reader, revise unknown words, but keep it brief.  It is more important for your child to read the reader, and talk about the story, or answer the quizz questions, to show their meaning of the text.  After all, if no meaning is gained, there is no reading.

Now let’s get started!!!